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At MAC ASHI we use a text message--token systm to track attendance. You will enter the meeting by clicking the GoToWebinar link that was provided to you. Once in the meeting, following some opening remarks, you will receive a text message. You will be instructed to navigate to that text message and be given a one-word token. For this exercise, the token is "BIG, B-I-G."

Tap the link in the text. Do not reply to the text; rather, tap the link in the text. This will open a page on our website.

Enter the token into the field. It is not case sensetive, so lower case upper case; it doesn't matter.

Tap the [sign-in] button to submit the token. If you get the green Yeah! Success banner, you have succeded. You have signed in.

We will repeat this process again at the end of the session. You will get another text message. Tap the link in the text. Scroll down. Remeber, do not reply to the text. Enter the token, for instance, "SMALL" and click [sign-ou]t to submit. You will then recieve a certificate of attendance by both text and Email. Please save this document in case you need it in the future.

In anticipation of this process, please have your smart phone close by. We look forward to talking to you soon.