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Event :: CRT Training


CRT Training


Certified Residential Thermographer Training


2 Day- Monroe Infrared - Certiied Residential Thermographer Training

Start Date And Time

09/19/2019 08:00 am

End Date And Time

09/20/2019 04:00 pm


9601 Medical Center Dr, Rockville, MD 20850




Is Proud to host Monroe Infrared and their

Certified Residential Thermographer course

Thursday, September 19th- Friday, September 20th, Rockville, MD.

This highly-rated two-day class will teach you what you need to know to add

Infrared Inspections to your home inspections.

The cost is $495; 16 ASHI CEU’s,2 MD CEs.

limited space so register early!


 What can IR do for you and why CRT

Thermal Imaging can help you with determining compliance and issues with external exhaust systems,

moisture and electrical issues, is a must for radiant floor and ceiling heat, and much more.

This class will prepare you on how to interpret results, understand the limitations and how to relay both to your client.

Geared to the new infrared camera user and camera owner, this course focuses on thermal imager use for Home & Building Inspectors and is valuable for IAQ, Remediation, Restoration and Remodeling Professionals as well.

Attendees successfully completing all training course requirements and a course examination will receive confirmation as a Certified Residential Thermographer and will be granted rights to utilize the CRT logo in marketing materials, on your website, on vinyl decals for your vehicle and uniform patches have just been made available.

Students complete the course with a much stronger understanding of Thermal Imaging capabilities and applications

as well as the confidence and competence to immediately put that knowledge to use.

Customers are getting smarter and expecting Home Inspectors and Residential Building Professionals

to utilize all the tools available to provide them the best information available.

Not being able to see with naked eyes what the infrared camera can show you is no longer acceptable!

Infrared is a very powerful tool that helps you find and identify today what could be a much bigger issue to your customer tomorrow.

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Why Monroe Infrared and Bill

           Bill Fabian is Vice President of Sales & Training for Monroe Infrared Technology. He has been involved in Infrared for 25 years and is a Level III Thermographer.  Bill has trained hundreds of individuals in both the theory behind and the use of IR cameras for Predictive Maintenance and Building Diagnostics applications. He has extensive in-field experience working closely on Energy Performance with customers ranging from major high rise buildings to commercial businesses to single family homeowners.

What others are saying

Bob Matthews Home Inspections, Inc.

“The 2-day Certified Thermographer Course you presented was excellent.  I learned more in your 2 days course about how to use my Flir E40bx and understand the information provided with the camera in your ourse than I had learned in a 4-day Level I Thermographer Certification course and another 2-day IR class. Any home inspector who wants to understand how to use infrared in their business should definitely take the MIT Certified Residential Thermographer Course.  Money well invested. Highly recommended.”

Robert Zorzan, Suburban Home Inspection LLC

“I took the CRT class from Monroe Infrared with Bill Fabian as the instructor. Being a home inspector I found the course excellent, all the information geared towards our industry. Bill was a great instructor, professional and always happy to answer all questions. I recommend any Home inspectors looking to get into thermography to take the CRT course.”

Stan Jackson, BestInspect, LLC  

“This was one of the most interesting and practical training courses I've taken in years. I left the course very comfortable with the camera I purchased. Our instructor, Bill Fabian, was very good at explaining the capabilities and the limitations of thermography using very practical examples, demonstrations, and most of all, actual hands-on practice.  Several of the students in the class that had previously obtained their level 1 certification told me that this class taught them twice as much in half the time!”

Call Tyrrell at Monroe Infrared @ 800-221-0163 to Register Today or register online here