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Event :: 2021 MAC ASHI Fall Seminar - 8 CEs


2021 MAC ASHI Fall Seminar - 8 CEs


- Understanding & Inspecting Masonry by Michael Bryan
- Combustion Safety Testing Basics by Joe Konopacki
- Uncontrolled Airflow in Homes by Joe Konopacki
- Masonry Systems by Michael Bryan


MAC-ASHI Online Fall Webinar
Saturday December 4th, 2021

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This Seminar is preapproved by MD for eight (8) Continuing Professional Competency Credits

Featuring the following Experts

Joe Konopacki


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"Combustion Safety Testing Basics"

Since its initial discovery, fire has proven to be extremely useful, but also dangerous. Modern combustion appliances are no exception. The dangers have been mitigated, but not eliminated. Home inspectors protect homeowners by alerting them to potential dangers. Which gas appliances create the greatest amount of carbon monoxide? Which appliance is the most likely to spill exhaust or back draft? What are thesigns of combustion safety issues and common causes? Proper exhaust flue geometry maynot be enough to ensure safe function. Learn to identify common combustion safety issues to better serve your customers.


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"Uncontrolled Air Flow in Homes"

Keeping homes dry and comfortable is essential for an effective controlled environment. Controlling air flow has been overlooked as a key aspect of achieving these goals. Air flow affects indoor air quality, comfort, building durability, condensation, combustion safety, recurring mold, icicles, and more. We will explore these and other issues and show how uncontrolled air flow can be the common link among many problems in homes. While "homes have to breathe", we will discuss what that means in a practical sense rather than it being a justification for sloppy installations and poor assemblies.

Michael Bryan


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"Understanding & Inspecting Masonry"

To provide the knowledge necessary to accurately identify and describe masonry systems and report visual and/or apparent adverse masonry conditions,
based upon an understanding of the system materials and their
installation practices.



"Masonry Systems"

To provide the knowledge necessary to understand the installation and appliaction of masonry systems and their components. From recognizing how and why defects manifest to the scope of repairs associated with them, we will discuss chimneys, fireplaces, retaining walls, and poured concrete.

Learn From the Experts

Joe Konopacki

joe denneler

Joe Konopacki is a Building Consultant with over 20 years of experience in single family & multi-unit
inspections, diagnosis, renovations, and new construction.
He is a licensed IL home inspector, ‘ASHI’ Certified Inspector, ‘RESNET’ certified Energy Rater, and
holds multiple certifications as a BPI trainer.
Since founding Insight Property Services, Inc. in 2009, Joe has inspected & tested hundreds of homes,
providing the homeowners valuable advice & insight, and has trained dozens of tradespeople as BPI
certified professionals.
If you know anyone who could use some advice about their home, call Joe with Insight.

Michael Bryan

Michael Bryan
Mike is originally from Wheaton (Silver Spring), Maryland and graduated from Wheaton Hight School. After a couple of semesters of community college concentrating on both architecture and mechanical drawing, he decided to take a break and work for an ornamental and light structural steel fabricating company as a structural detailer (draftsman) creating drawings detailing what steel fabricators would create. Within the first year Mike realized that 1. He disliked being indoors all day long and 2. that mechanical drawing would soon no longer pencil lead drawings made of a drawing board, but rather CADD. He decided to leave the field. He took a job as a construction laborer and was within a week or two made an offer that he could not refuse – to start as a masonry apprentice without serving a year or more as a laborer. He found that he loved the masonry trade and that his background in mechanical and architectural drawing and engineering science helped him rise up through the masonry trade to become a foreman, estimator, sales representative and project manager. During his years in masonry, he worked on residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects. Eventually, Mike developed expertise in the science of restoring pre-nineteenth century masonry.
One masonry company that he served as the sales rep, estimator, and project manager for was the sister company to a Design/Build general contracting company. He was offered an additional position as a sales representative and conceptual designer for residential and commercial additions and renovations. He accepted that position over and above his masonry company responsibilities. In 1989 when the building market experienced a significant slowdown, Mike was relocated to Richmond, VA through a head-hunting agency to start up a satellite office of a disaster restoration company based in Roanoke, VA. There he called on homeowner insurance companies and adjusters seeking the opportunity to restore buildings damaged by fire, water, vandalism, auto damage and more. 
Finally, in 1993 Mike decided that inspecting homes was a logical good next step for him. He attended the Professional Home Inspection Institute in Falls Church, Virginia which was owned and operated by Michael P. Lennon the developer of the HomePro franchise and home inspection reporting system. He performed his first 2,800 home inspections with HomePro of Richmond, VA. Mike passed the National Home Inspectors Examination in 2000 and became a full Member (then comparable to the now ACI) of ASHI. Mike went on to start his own home inspection company and has now inspected over 17,000 residential and light commercial building inspections. Mike is still a full-time home inspector and offers educational presentations on masonry. His total construction experience spans twenty-two years and his still ongoing inspection experience spans twenty-eight years.


Seminar Schedule
12/4/21 Eastern Time
8:45 AM -  9:00 AM   Zoom Room Opens  
9:00 AM -  10:45 AM    Inspecting Masonry  
10:45 AM  -  10:55 AM   Break
10:55 AM -  12:40 PM   Combustion Safety 
12:40 PM -  1:15 PM   Lunch
1:15 PM -  3:00 PM   Uncontrolled Airflow
3:00 PM -  3:10 PM   Break
3:10 PM -  5:00 PM  Masonry Systems

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MAC ASHI Members:   $85.00
Guests:   $125.00  
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Location: Zoom Webinar

Eastern Time Zone

Start Date And Time

12/04/2021 09:00 am

End Date And Time

12/04/2021 05:00 pm