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Event :: November 2021 MAC ASHI Meeting


November 2021 MAC ASHI Meeting


- When and Why do we Defer to a Specialist by Hollis Brown and Scott DelMonte
- Home Inspections and Ancillary Services By Charles and Rose Roskovensky
- Storm Water Retention Systems by Tony Kelly and Tony Toth
- Uncontrolled Air Flow by Joe Konopacki



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      • Why and When to Defer to a Specialist
      • Storm Water Retention Systems
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      • Uncontrolled Air Flow by Joe Konopacki
Why and When to Defer to a Specialist

Home inspectors are generalists. We are not specialists. Our role is to recognise conditions, report them, and to offer advise. That's what we are paid to do. From time to time, though, we find ourselves confronted with a situation where, in our own perception, we don't feel confident in our individual ability to make the call and offer appropriate guidance. Where is that line where we send our clients to a specialist? Hollis Brown and Scott DelMonte will share their thoughts on this critical topic.

Storm Water Retention Systems

Storm water runs downhill--right? If the adjacent lot is at a lower elevation, water flows in that direction. And now they're telling us to keep the water on the lot; what? Tony Toth and Tony Kelly will discuss modern water retention systems, what they are, where they're required, what home inspectors should say about them and what homeowners need to know about them.

Upselling Ancillary Services 

How often do we wonder about the market? How much do our peers, our colleagues and competitors,  charge. What's the going rate? How much should I charge? We're not going to discuss that. This discussion will be about the opportunities to provide value beyond what our clients initially requested. Charles Roskovensky will share with us his strategy for building his list of services and offering them to clients in a way that allows home buyers to get the services they want without feeling pressured to purchase something they don't want.

Start Date And Time

11/10/2021 07:15 pm

End Date And Time

11/10/2021 09:30 pm




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