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Event :: May 11 Seminar Development Orientation


May 11 Seminar Development Orientation


Let's get together to review the process


MAC ASHI is doing something new for the Spring Seminar this year. Rather than repeat the same old formula of hiring a speaker with name recognition to deliver some canned content, we're building our own curriculum in-house. 

We are acutely aware that there are many questions that home inspectors ponder routinely. They wonder why and how about all kinds of things. They heard something in some training that they don't completely understand. Something has come to their attention, but they don't know where to go for an explanation. They have heard contradictory explanations and they want to know what's real.

The MAC ASHI Education committee is circulating a questionnaire designed to collect these questions. We figure that if one or two people will pose the question there are probably others pondering it.

The next step for us is to research the answers. We don't want to just repeat what we've heard somewhere. Rather, we're aggregating chapter resources and brainpower to research our response.

That's where you come in. 

Start Date And Time

03/04/2024 07:00 pm

End Date And Time

03/04/2024 08:00 pm