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Event :: MAC-ASHI Spring Technical Seminar 2020


MAC-ASHI Spring Technical Seminar 2020


MAC-ASHI Spring Technical Seminar 2020


MAC-ASHI Spring Technical Seminar 2020


Ray Wohlfarth 


"The Boiler Room Detective"


David Rushton


"Electrical Inspections from the Grounds Up"

Start Date And Time

05/09/2020 08:00 am

End Date And Time

05/09/2020 05:00 pm



MAC-ASHI Technical Seminar–Saturday May 9th, 2020


Ray Wohlfarth 


"The Boiler Room Detective"

In this half day class, you will become a detective uncovering clues about the boiler operation, efficiency, and safety. The seminar will cover troubleshooting boiler rooms and includes the following: 

Hydronic and Low-Pressure Steam

Is the Boiler Dangerous?

What Maintenance should be Done?

Sizing and Choosing a Replacement Boiler

How Combustion Air Affects Boiler Operation

What is the Leading Cause of Boiler Accidents?

How to Diagnose Problem Areas

Pitfalls of Incorrect Zoning

What Boiler Noises Should Raise a Red Flag

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide and How it is Formed

How Often Should a Pop Safety Valve be Tested?

What Does Rust Mean

How to See the Entire Boiler Room?

Trouble Shooting Steam Issues

How a Tissue can Help Diagnose System Problems

 What is a Dirt Leg and what does it do?

Can we use Teflon Tape on a gas pipe?


David Rushton


"Electrical Inspections from the Grounds Up"

Electrical systems are installed with myriad details. Understanding the differences between grounded, grounding and bonding conductors is not intuitive. Electrical services, panelboards and subpanels must be installed properly. The details for installation of wiring systems are very important. GFCI and AFCI protection have very different functions. Surge protection and emergency power installations are becoming common. Wiring installations in homes can be safe or scary. This seminar will help home inspectors go beyond minimum inspection requirements and provide a better understanding of how to evaluate and report on the electrical installations in homes to make sure they are properly installed and safe.

Learn From the Experts

Ray Wolhfarth

Ray Wolfarth

Ray Wohlfarth is president of Fire & Ice Heating & Cooling in Pittsburgh, PA. He is an international book author and columnist for Plumbing & Mechanical, RSES, PM Engineer, Master Brewers Association, National Board, Green Building Research, and Engineered Systems Magazines. The titles of Ray’s books are:

Lessons Learned in a Boiler Room

Lessons Learned Connecting New Boilers to Old Pipes

Lessons Learned Servicing Boilers

Lessons Learned Selling HVAC Service

Lessons Learned Brewing with Steam

Lessons Learned A Guide to Boilers for Home Inspectors

Lessons Learned: Selling HVAC Service

Lessons Learned: Rays Rules of HVAC Service

Lesson Learned: Maintaining Steam Systems for Brewers and Distillers

Farmer Franks Forgetful Flock, a children’s book 

He is currently on the board of directors for WV ASHRAE and WV APPA and past president of Pittsburgh ASHRAE.  Ray taught classes for ASHRAE, RSES, Hospital Engineers, NAPE, Operating Engineers, Steamfitters, BOMA, IFMA, and APPA

David Rushton
Dave Rushton

David Rushton studied architecture at M.I.T., graduating in 1976. He began his own general and electrical contracting company after college. He became a licensed master electrician in California in 1982, New Jersey in 1983 and Virginia in 1999 and is currently a Virginia licensed master electrician, electrical and general contractor. He worked 17 years in residential and light commercial electrical construction projects in his own company and was the managing licensed electrician in Deutsch Electric for 5 years. He founded ABLE Building Inspection, Inc. in 1993 in southern New Jersey and relocated to the Blue Ridge Mountain area of northern Virginia in 1999. An ASHI certified inspector since 1996, David was the President of the Northern Virginia ASHI chapter and the Virginia Association of Home Inspectors and is now on the Virginia Board for Lead, Asbestos and Home Inspectors. He is a licensed home inspector in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

Seminar Schedule

7:30 AM   - 8:00 AM   Check-In Online
8:00 AM   -  10:00AM  Boilers
10:00AM   -  10:15AM   Break
10:15AM   -  12:15 AM  Boilers
12:15 AM   - 1:15 PM   Lunch
1:15 PM   - 3:15 PM  Electrical
3:15 PM   -  3:30 PM   Break
3:30 PM   -  5:00 PM  Electrical

Registration Fee: $50.00 includes a digital CE Certificate

Approved for 8 ASHI, MD CEs & VA accepts ASHI CEs

A GoToMeeting link will be emailed when you register. Join the meeting on the morning of the event from your device. Please have your cell phone nearby to receive the check-in tokens. If you do not have a modern smartphone type device, please allow extra time for check-in in the morning.

In light of recent events and the likelyhood many of our business' will struggle, we are offering this educational oppourtunity at an inredible discount. We hope for the health and safety of all inspectors and their families in this time of struggle.